Dale Shadbegian, a resident of Dennis Port, MA, and native of Worcester, has established himself as a prominent figure in the Massachusetts business community. Shadbegian’s background is diverse and rooted in both technology and marketing. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Fitchburg State University and began his career in web development, with a focus on boosting company visibility on search engines.

He recently left the role of Chief Executive Officer at Cape & Plymouth Business, a monthly business magazine serving Cape Cod, the Islands, Plymouth County, and the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Dale Shadbegian is currently (and proudly) working as a CMO for hire, focusing on life-long friend’s business: Emily’s Interiors

Aside from his professional endeavors, Shadbegian has also made significant contributions in the realm of entrepreneurship and community service. He is known as the “muffin man” for creating the award-winning Woolfie’s Muffin and transforming Woolfie’s from a small seasonal bakery into a multi-location destination in Cape Cod. His journey in business and marketing extends over 25 years, marking him as a veteran in the field. Shadbegian’s commitment to the community is further demonstrated through his involvement as a SCORE Resource Partner and eForAll Mentor, where he offers guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses​​.

Overall, Dale Shadbegian’s background, goals, and current role as a Chief Marketing Officer and Entrepreneur highlight his deep-rooted commitment to business growth, marketing innovation, and community support in Massachusetts. His multifaceted career and expertise in both technology and marketing make him a key figure in the regional business community.