Dale “Shabeeesh” Shadbegian. Aka D$.

Humble, blessed, dad with 3 great kids. Cape Cod resident. Serial volunteer. Award winning entrepreneur. Trying to learn something from everyone.

Podcast (New!)

Officially launched in April, 2023 – “Delivered” with Dylan and Dale (Shabeeesh) is a series of 20 minute podcasts sharing wisdom from the trenches of 2 service based business owners. Guest appearance? Email dale@shabeeesh.com or DM on any of our platforms.

Leader, Innovator, Entrepreneur

Currently: Senior Digital Advisor, Cape & Plymouth Business Media and Cape Plymouth Marketing.

I’ve been working with computers to help organizations with their business process, and marketing needs since 1995. I currently choose to specialize in Local SEO – driving google traffic to business websites.

Serial Volunteer. Avid Volunteer: SCORE, eForAll, President – CC Tech Council, Family Table Collaborative, WE CAN, and any other organization that ask for help.

Muffin Man

Creator of the modern Woolfie’s Muffin where it’s said “the muffins are as big as your head”. Our Flagship location was created and opened by Mr. Woolf aka “Woolfie” – a US Army trained baker who mastered the art of baking. While our customers tastes, our menu, and times have changes, his basic principles still thrive today. Give great customer service and sell the freshest most delicious items possible. His location in Dennis Port has had lines out to the street, police blocking the road, since the 1970s. It’s been a tradition for the family owning the business to live in the Cape Cod Cottage, and that is where my kids and I live today. Currently rolling out US Shipping for our award winning coffee blend, and baked goods as well as expanding locations across the Coast of Ma.

Family Man

An important part of my life and career is raising 3 great kids (juggling). They are a great inspiration to me.  I learn something from them every single day. They make me laugh, think, and love.

Friend & Fun Seeker

Everyone needs that 1 friend that just pushes you into having a little too much fun. That’s me. I travel every month to a new destination for “workation” either with friends or meeting distant clients. Invite me on a work trip!

Student Pilot

Taking my time and enjoying the journey. D.A.L.E. will be my retirement company. Discreet Aviation and Logistics Enterprises. We will fly emergency cargo around the Caribbean.

Tropical Traveler

If I am not near the ocean or palm trees, there is a good chance I am being held hostage.